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After a failed podcast attempt, George is accompanied by Phil the no swear gamer, while Paul is nowhere to be found. Also, at the end George interviews John Carlson of the Frame Savers:

We were asked what 8-bit gaming was to us in an email, you can find the article over here:

George and Eric are now proud members of the Retro Junkies Network. In this episode, strange things happen and it’s up to the chaotic duo to take care of the mess! I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghost!

Thanks to Mat from the One Word, Go! show: (NSFW podcast) for the vacuum salesman voice over.

George and Eric bring on Aaron Hickman from Genesis Gems and Retro Obscura to talk about one of his favorites, R-Type! It’s utter chaos as George hasn’t gotten far in the game and tangents go a muck!

Aaron can be found in these places:

Twitter- @diagamblic

Genesis Gems-

Retro Obscura-

Join George and Eric in their quest to defeat King Janken. See how George fails and beats his Master System with a Baseball bat while Eric encounters monkeys throwing peas at him, bears with swords on bikes, and potion bottles being broken over his head!

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