Episode 3- R-Type

George and Eric bring on Aaron Hickman from Genesis Gems and Retro Obscura to talk about one of his favorites, R-Type! It’s utter chaos as George hasn’t gotten far in the game and tangents go a muck!

Aaron can be found in these places:

Twitter- @diagamblic

Genesis Gems- http://genesisgems.podomatic.com/

Retro Obscura- http://retroobscura.podomatic.com/

Episode 2- Rocky

Join George and Eric in an adventure where Rocky starts Ball-room dancing with Mickey, Robocop makes an appearance and much more! Oh, and the guys talk about the Rocky game…

Episode 1- Alex Kidd in Miracle world

Join George and Eric in their quest to defeat King Janken. See how George fails and beats his Master System with a Baseball bat while Eric encounters monkeys throwing peas at him, bears with swords on bikes, and potion bottles being broken over his head!